Surgical 3DHD imaging with Iridium Systems

Modern medicine has come a very long way in the last century. It has never been an exact science but, more recently, it has become better. With greater, more accurate imaging techniques, physicians are better able to see and identify problems within the body without the need for exploratory surgery.

This evolution of imaging has made it much easier to identify hidden diseases and improved the way that surgery is done. Iridium systems allow for full high definition imaging in 3D which is perfect to use during surgeries.

This type of system operates with full infrared fluorescence to provide live images during surgery. In this way, surgeons are able to exactly what is going on inside without the use of deeper surgery to explore. Surgery becomes safer and more reliable as a result. This reduces overall surgical risks and causes little scaring, unlike more invasive techniques. Using an iridium system houston physicians prefer will make a surgical practice more precise.

Most of surgery is a matter of seeing what is going on in the body in real time during live surgery. Imaging becomes vital at this point because there are very few imaging techniques that can be used in live surgery. With accurate, full images brought out with infrared, bringing out the specific details of an organ and highlighting areas in a way that is fluorescent with completed imaging. Procedures may be performed with clear visuals in sight.

The primary benefits of this method include not only reduced risks but also improved surgery with less time on the table. Surgery done in this way also allows for faster recovery. It is obvious how an iridium system should be part of a surgeon’s arsenal. It is relatively new technology, but it is still affordable for many practices to employ. Practicality with surgery makes it more effective.